Two Parents Speak Out on Narconon Arrowhead Outcomes

group talkingParents of an addict can feel hopeless or lost. They may have trouble understanding why their loved one can’t quit their destructive behavior and turn their lives around on their own. The addict themselves may not see that even though it is their life that is out of control, that their addiction is also affecting everyone who cares for them. In this way addiction tears many families apart, and often these relationships cannot be restored until the addict is able to reach out for help. Narconon Arrowhead recently shared the story of Linda & Lyman, two parents whose son was addicted to methamphetamine. They credit the Narconon program for saving their son’s life, which was falling.

A Parent’s Story

Linda writes about her son struggling with addiction for ten years, and his inability to quit drugs on his own. As concerned parents they first sent him to a 30 day 12 step treatment center to help him get back on his feet. She says when he got out of his first treatment he got a job and things seemed to be going in the right direction. They let their son live with them in the hope that they could provide some stability while he transitioned into a sober life. In six months they started to notice a change in his personality and knew he was back on drugs. Attempts to reason with him were ineffective, and ultimately they had to ask him to leave the home and not come back on their property. During this time they watched helplessly as he lost his job, and ended up homeless. Linda describes her son’s addiction as their “family secret”, and how this secret caused her to stop doing the things she normally did and how she separated herself from friends. Deep down she just wanted her son back, but knew that this person who was addicted to meth was not the son she had raised. At one point she contacted her local Bureau of Narcotics to have him arrested in an attempt to get him off the streets, and says nothing came of it. She then met with her county Judge and District Attorney to ask about long-term rehab options, and said that they didn’t have any suggestions for her.

Finding a Treatment Solution

Linda started to research rehabs online and eventually found Narconon Arrowhead. She contacted them, explained her needs and concerns, and says that the counselor she spoke to answered all of her questions and gave her an explanation of what the program could offer her son. It took her five weeks to get her son to agree to enter the program. At first he said he was only going for her and had no interest in being there. She says he would call and ask her to let him leave the program and that she would have to hang up on him in hopes that he would come around. She says the staff kept in touch with her, and encouraged her son to stay and do the program for himself. At one point he finally admitted that he was doing the program because he wanted to, and at that point she says she knew she had her son back. Now that her son is living a drug free life, she says that he is happy and appreciative. She says that her son’s experience at Narconon has benefited the entire family. She says that she has a better understanding of how addiction starts, how things get to be out of control, and has realized how thankful she is that she didn’t give up on her son.

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