Two Patients Speak Out On Narconon Arrowhead

personWithdrawing from and detoxifying one’s body from drug chemicals are vital parts of any rehabilitation program, but doing so does not effectively and fully rehabilitate the individual for a healthy, productive future.  The fact that the individual became a substance abuser indicates quite clearly that they were not armed with the necessary tools to address and resolve life problems.  It follows, then, that full rehabilitation must include life skills courses that allow the individual to spot and handle the difficulties that may arise in their future.

Narconon is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility that specializes in addressing the full causes and effects of drug use, as well as arming the individual with the life skills they need to become productive members of society.  Most Narconon graduates attest to the fact that they use the skills they learned at Narconon on a daily basis after completing their programs.

Restoring a Healthy Happy Life

D.R. arrived at Narconon in poor shape.  Drug abuse had robbed her of her health, her self-confidence, her satisfaction and her happiness in life.  She was no longer herself and felt haunted by all of her past decisions and choices.

At Narconon D.R. was able to resolve the mental and physical effects of her drug use, cleansing her body of all drug toxins and taking responsibility for her past choices.  Through life skills courses she learned how to improve conditions in her life and avoid dangerous personalities and situations.  She restored her feelings of self-confidence and self-control, and gained a large sense of self accomplishment and satisfaction as a result of completing the rehabilitation program.

D.R. has no doubt that graduating from Narconon was important to her well-being.  She is free from the problems of her past and is the person she really wants to be.  Her family has noticed the positive changes in her attitude and outlook on life and love her even more for who she is and what she is accomplishing.

Successfully Battling Addiction

E.M.’s Narconon experience showed him that someone in the world truly cared about him and his health and happiness in life.  Drug addiction had forced E.M. to lose himself in a web of self-absorption, self-centeredness and self-degradation, willing and able to do anything to get and use more drugs.  When E.M. enrolled in rehabilitation treatment he found that the staff at Narconon were sincere and friendly, clearly interested in helping him overcome the powerful addictions that were ruining his life.

The Narconon program and facility allowed E.M. time and space away from the life patterns and situations that were permitting his substance abuse to occur.  He was able to resolve the immediate physical effects of his drug use and focus on developing the tools he would need to fully address and resolve the causes for his drug use and the damages it created in his own life and in others’ lives.

E.M. points out that it is one thing to recognize what one needs to do in their life, and it’s another thing entirely to take the steps to repair your life and create a healthy, happy future.  Thanks to the extensive life skills courses he took while at Narconon, E.M. feels he is now settling into the kind of life he was meant to lead.  He learned how to discipline himself so that he can stay on task even when things get tough.  He also learned how to communicate well with others around him so that he can interact comfortably.  He is grateful for the many staff and students who supported and encouraged him on his journey to sobriety, as he is now confident that he can lead a drug-free, happy life.

The Benefits of Narconon Rehabilitation

D.R. and E.M. are just two of the many individuals who have participated in the Narconon drug rehabilitation program and moved forward into healthy, happy lives.  They are living proof that with the right tools and support, drug addiction can be successfully overcome.

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