What the Narconon Arrowhead Sauna Did For Three Grads

sauna programThe following are reviews of the Narconon Arrowhead sauna program from three graduates. The sauna program, also called The New Life Detoxification Program is a safe and effective way to get drug toxins out of the body, which are responsible for relapse. Those undergoing the sauna treatment have reported feeling clearer, having more energy and a new outlook on life.

Here are the reviews. 

Feeling Good in The Sauna

I feel very good about how my sauna program went.  I can feel a major difference in the way my body feels, due to my body being free of all toxins.  Coming into sauna, I had many doubts about the program being able to benefit me.  I look back about how I felt about myself coming into the program and I feel like a completely different person that I had become on drugs.  I would never listen to the people closest to me who would tell me that I was going downhill with the choices I was making.  With a clear head, I now have been able to make a choice to be the person I was before I was on drugs.  Sauna has helped me set goals for myself while being here in the program.  It has also helped me set some when I am done with the entire program.  My body feels much healthier as well.  I regained the motivation to workout and get my body in better shape than I was in when I would hardly eat.  Sauna has helped me feel a lot better about the entire program.  I came out of my shell and have allowed myself to get to know people and make my time here much more pleasant.  I am very glad that I went through the sauna program because it feels good to complete what I started.  I feel confident in myself again as a person.  I have an open and clear mind, ready to get started with the duration of the program. RC

The Sauna Helped Me Think Clearly

After some days in sauna it is clear that I’m no writer, but here I go.  The beginning of sauna was a little rough.  One day my legs itched so bad I couldn’t stand it.  My kidneys were sore on another day and the first week or so I was tired.  As days went by, it got a lot better.  As I went up on Niacin and started to sweat out the toxins, I began to get stronger and feel better.  I have worked very hard in the program since I got here.  This last week, I’ve started to enjoy little things in life again, such as walking the loop and watching the sunrise and sunset.  Yesterday, I felt on top of the world because I can now think clearly and really care about what I’m thinking.  I have sweated all the toxins out of my body.  I haven’t felt this great since I don’t know when.  I have so much to live for and I thank my Sauna I.C. and the program for helping me think and feel terrific.  MM

Feeling Great

I feel great!  I never thought that I would feel normal again without drugs, but sauna has done that and more.  I eat and sleep regularly and have more energy than I have had in years.  My senses are so much better and I can think clearly.  This has been a great experience.  I hope others can have these drastic changes when they have completed sauna.  DF

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