Wife Talks About Finding Narconon Arrowhead Program

narconon arrowhead wifeMany of the video testimonials posted online by Narconon Arrowhead feature a recovered addict who has completed the Narconon program and is sharing his or her experiences. Not all of them, however, focus on the addict’s story. In one of them, a woman speaks to the camera and tells the story of how she learned that her husband was addicted to drugs, how bad things got for their family, and what finally turned the situation around. She already knew that he had substance abuse problems. He husband drank “more than a lot,” a fact that they had addressed more than once but with no success. Things changed, however, on the night of her birthday party. Around midnight, the husband informed her that he was headed out to go hunting, and that was the last she heard of him for four days. Finally, he called her on the phone and said that he wanted to come home. Asking him where he had been and what had happened, he explained that he was addicted to crack. Prior to this, the woman says that she did not even know what crack was, and now she was suddenly finding out that her husband was hooked on this notoriously addictive and physically harmful drug.

The situation continued to grow worse over the course of the next several months. Her husband lost “tons of weight,” and the business that they owned dwindled to nothing. Things got so bad, she reports, that their lights and water were cut off at home, and they lost “everything.” At one point, a family friend ran across the Narconon drug rehabilitation program while surfing the internet and passed the information on to the wife, but she admits that while she took the number for Narconon, she simply set it aside for the time being. As terrible as the situation had become, she apparently needed something even more disastrous to happen to motivate her to make a change. So far, she admits that she was supporting her husband through his addiction, a fact that was driving a wedge between her and her children. In fact, their four children at this point did not have any type of contact, which also meant that they were cut off from their grandchildren. She and her husband did not have a real relationship, either. She could never find him at the jobsite, and could never reach him on the phone. He was never home. Because they were not in contact, she would often find out about bad situations only when it was too late. For example, she received a phone call from the bank one day informing her that the checking account which she thought had a balance of around $10,000 was overdrawn. When she asked the banker to transfer money from savings, she learned that this account was also empty.

Narconon Arrowhead Finally Turned the Situation Around

Things finally changed after she got a phone call from a friend of her husband’s one night. The friend was calling from the hospital, and he told her that her husband was believed to have overdosed. She rushed down to the hospital to be with her husband, and was appalled to learn that the hospital was planning on discharging him and sending him back out on the street. Horrified at the thought that he might overdose again, she decided it was time to do something. She called Narconon, spoke with the staff and was impressed with what they had to say about the program, especially the sauna detoxification step. What impressed her even more was the fact that they wanted to speak directly to her husband. He held a brief conversation, and within an hour he was on a flight to check into the program. Things changed entirely after that. Following completion of the program, she and her husband now have a real relationship again. He calls her several times per day to stay in touch, and is generally dependable and responsible. Whereas before he avoided speaking with customers because he was “always angry,” now his communication skills are “outrageous.” She credits Narconon Arrowhead with bringing their family back together, and they now have regular contact with all of their children and grandchildren. “He has his respect back. It’s pretty amazing.”

Here is the full video:

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